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The seeds of Crypto

"You reap what you sow"

The idea behind this website is to share, maybe to plant some seeds in you, but letting you harvest, off course.

While adding the initial content on 'Crypto guide - Entering the rabbit hole' it struck me that your start in Crypto is quite important. Three elements matter:

  1. Who or what initiated your interest?

  2. What was the narrative?

  3. How did this make you feel?

It's neither good nor bad, yet Crypto can be a huge psychological rollercoaster, or: mindfuck to put it more bluntly.

In any case, our bias will 'find' its way to news, narratives and information that will support it. So, this friend of yours that made 20k within a month, Bloomberg stating Bitcoin could well be over a million this decade and the "Bitcoin is a ponzi" will all be true, one way or the other.

Fat chance that you have been introduced to the mountains of gold and that this made you feel very interested, perhaps even FOMO (fear of missing out). This is a very common perception, often accompanied with greed.

The mere warning is simple: reflect on it, because even before starting, seeds are being planted in your head.

When I started, I was very lucky to get introduced through a 'secure' channel: a good friend. Even though he was thoughtful and level headed, it made me curious and excited. I got some tips & tricks, do's & don't's and a quick starter guide.

Mind you, the rabbit hole caught me anyway and I have experienced it all. No, I had to experience it all by myself.

There is no other way, nor instruction to guide you along the way. But before you go on your way, start off properly.

Learning to reflect from the start will prove itself later on; when your crops fail, yield low or when it is time to harvest.

Don't get rekt :)


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