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Crypto Scams

Bijgewerkt op: 23 jan. 2022

Please. First rule: if it appears to good to be true, it is.

Really, it is..

Just a couple of weeks ago I saw the transaction log of one of these scams (send me 1, I double it). Ten bitcoin. Ten. Roughly half a mil, gone.

Crypto is not a 'get rich quickly' environment. Yes, I know, but there is this guy who made 10 mil on Doge. Or this other guy 'farmed' and earned 500k in a day. Sure, they exist.

I often wonder why people still fall for these scams. Greed? Financial crisis opportunity, stupidity? I don't know exactly, but again: please, even though some scams are too stupid to believe, others are more sophisticated.

At some point, the imposters come to life. Sometimes easy to spot, sometimes a bit more difficult to see. For many, following accounts with many followers an easy trap: "Wow, he sent me a dm to help me.."

Spot the difference..:

Like this, after someone replied to a tweet from the original poster:

Some tips, specifically on Twitter:

  1. Too good to be true, it is;

  2. Check closely what someone is saying;

  3. Look closely at the name and profile;

  4. Watch out for big Twitter accounts & paid shills (no, not all are a scam..);

  5. Never 'just' transfer some funds.

In case of doubt, post your question on our Twitter page.

Take care, watch out and you know: "Don't rekt yourself..!"


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